Please wait until the end of this month.

Clem rose to the occasion.

One hundred and twenty five years have shown: Esperanto is much more than just a language.

Tobias has always been very good to me.

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Mom, could you read me a bedtime story?


You, too, know Mr. Kimura, don't you?


It was shorter than she expected.

I am looking for a cream color long sleeve shirt.

They formed a project to build a new school building.

They ended capitalism and built a socialist society.

I'm twice your age.


I owe it all to you.


Judging from the expression on her face, she was worried.


That's how it is done.

Who's taking responsibility for the loss?

Why do you work here?


We did not help him, so he made it by himself.

I always thought that Griff was a bit strange.

He's shorter than his brother.

I know that it's the truth.

My shoes are chafing my feet.

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Margaret never knew about that.


Brenda often plays piano in the evening.

We walked through a long gallery.

What would you do if I weren't here?


The future is a succession of daily moments.

They felt many emotions on their wedding day.

That really made sense.

Mozart was brought up to be a musician.

I dream about Stevan every night.

You mustn't park here.

Jerome dresses like a girl.

"You, a rich man?" said the Fox, and he began to laugh out loud. The Cat was laughing also, but tried to hide it by stroking his long whiskers.

He blamed the accident on me.

My brother sends you his regards.

I waited a month.

The pilot controls the engine power using the throttle.

She can never keep a secret.


I had a great time in Boston.


I have a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow.


Why are we doing that?


Keep them happy.

Alain is doing research in biology.

Where did the accident take place?


I think I'll stay for a few more days.

That's a pretty lame joke. Did you come up with it yourself?

The spiral galaxy closest to our Milky Way galaxy is Andromeda.

Be careful on your way back home.

Lucifer's hands trembled.

If one has the right to live, then one should also have the right to die. If not, then living is not a right, but an obligation.

Have you calibrated your monitor?

What a pity it is!

Neil said he'd be back.


It was a put-up job.

I don't remember his name.

He cut himself free with his knife.


I don't want to deviate from the plan.


Long hair is out of fashion now.

I didn't volunteer.

I didn't tell you everything.

You can't really expect Ramanan to change his mind.

I'm more interested in spoken English.

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I told Jane how to get to our school.

We often send each other pictures.

My name's Phil. What's yours?

Sabotage was suspected.

He is always harassed with debts.

We don't want anyone asking questions.

The dictionary that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet.

You should have absolute rest.

You sure do talk a lot.

I have to check and see what the contract says.

She looked glamorous.

I dare say he is right.

What makes you think Tammy doesn't like Raymond?

You shouldn't do that.

I told you Elizabeth was smart.


I take it that's unusual.

Why do physicists converge? Because they're monotonous and narrow.

I don't want Curt giving Joel advice.

This is the real thing.

We'll never get through this.

A fool, when he is silent, is counted to be wise.

Government has the right to kill people.

Why don't you come to the zoo with me?

What would you do if you were ten years younger?

These windows aren't clean.

I am widely different from my little sister in character and habits.

I really wanted to go to Kris's concert, but it was sold out.

How should foreign exchange rates be shown? In the foreign exchange market they are displayed centered on the American dollar.


Which is cheaper, this or that?


How long has George studied Portuguese?

It's a pretty big club.

Would you be so kind as to open the door for me?

I have read three Shakespearian works up to now.

Through mathematical calculations, Le Verrier predicted the presence of another planet beyond Uranus. The gravitational pull of this planet would explain the unusual motion of Uranus.

This is the first time I've ever spun wool.

Stanley and Rudolf went fishing.

I rescued him.

Claudia didn't find anything in the old box.


She is booming as a singer.

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I've heard that name before.


I'm pretty sure that this is his umbrella.

You must realize that I can't help you.

The whole world went crazy.

Have you heard that a burglar broke into my neighbor's house?

Irvin said it was no concern of his.

You're everywhere!

Doing that would be stupid.

I quit smoking half a year ago.

Slartibartfast and Sehyo are whispering to each other.

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We tried to walk past them.

More of everything hurt.

Teresa sat down beside Jimmy.

He did say so.

It was nice of her to help.

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He is admired as a writer.

You liked chocolate.

I don't think I can do that just now.

This country needs a new president.

He was at a loss as to which faculty to choose.

It seems to me that I am always being spied on.

My dream has come true at last by working hard.

I was shocked.

Kuldip and Syun like to gossip about celebrities.

Tracy has been warned.

I come from America.


He respects his father.

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I was stunned by what I saw.

The sum came to 3,000 yen.

The train makes 20 miles an hour.

So, what'll you give me?

The first low kick was the set-up for this!?

Negotiations are still going on.

There's nothing I can do to help.

I haven't yet made amends with all the people I've hurt.

I suggest we take the stairs.

What is principle of equidistance?

I can no longer trust you.

We are coming back!

Which movie did you watch?

She makes it a rule to take an hour's walk every morning.

Cool Autumn arrived.

I'll try to reach her.

You'd like to help, wouldn't you?


Give me a kiss.

Perhaps he could solve this problem.

He was arrested for murder.

Let's go outside and talk.

The clock on the Lviv Town Hall was first installed in the year 1404.

I expect him to get over the shock of his failure.

Polly kicked the door shut.

Oleg sat beside Amos.

Do it while you can.

Rolf waited for several seconds and then opened the door.

Gabriel is a little tipsy.

I'm sorry. I should have called first.

I must take back the money at all costs.

I respected Ram.

You're lying now, aren't you?

Three-quarters of the work was finished.

She then proceeded to negotiate with her bank.

What time are Todd and Jiri coming over?

Please speak to me in French.

They all knew Michelle.

I guess I'll have to wait a little longer.

We're not going to change anything.

Elijah was attacked by a wild turkey.

Nancy isn't contributing.

There are all kinds of flowers in that garden.